Frida And Parrots Kick-It Catnip Crinkle

Frida And Parrots Kick-It Catnip Crinkle

This toy is made with organic catnip and crinkle.

A Kick-It is a jumbo kicker that is long enough for kitty to body hug or bunny kick! They are filled with nip and crinkle OR recycled paper bits.  The crinkly inside will give a wrapper/bag sound that many cats love.  The recycled  paper will give a quiter beanbag like feel. 


  • Handmade of fabric with certified organic nip and new eco/vegan friendly materials.
  • 15" tall x 8 1/2" round. Size may vary slightly.
  • Crinkle or recycled paper bits.
  • Made with twill, canvas, or reinforced cotton
  • Layout of the print may vary a bit due to the cut.




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