Nip Jar & Kitty Sticker

Nip Jar & Kitty Sticker

The same ameowzing nip used in all my toys can be at your finger I mean paw tips!


Refill your nip mats, revitalize an old non-refillable toy, or straight-up after a hard day of world domination.


Reuse the eco-friendly ethically madejar for treats for cats or human stuff.   Or as a planter for cat grass.  MEOW!  


Nip is Mischa and Sammy's fovarite!  So you also get a sticker of either Mischa or Sammy with your nip jar.  Your choice!


  • Certified organic nip grown in Washington
  • Packaged by me in Nevada
  • 1 ounce
  • Ethically made reusable jar from sustainable sources.  4" tall x 10" round
  • The Stickers are made of a thick durable vinyl and are 2.17" x 3". 


*To revitlize an old toy place the toy and some nip in a sealed container.  Shake it up and let it set for a couple days. 

    $8.50 Regular Price
    $7.50Sale Price
    Choice of nip & cat