Black Cats Mewdle Wand Toy

Black Cats Mewdle Wand Toy

Sort of hard to see in the photos but this Mewdles has little black cats on a black backgorund. 


Mewdles are very fun interactive wand toys that will provide you and kitty with endless entertainment. Get your kitty physical and have them chase, hunt, jump in the air, and even attack the Mewdle. There is no rule book so go wild.


The durable fabric Mewdle is securely attached to a real bamboo handle. The Mewdle is thick enough not to tangle easily around your cat. Inside is crinkle to make a crunchy sound that perks curiosity. 


  • Handmade
  • Fabric noodle 44" to 47" long. Size may vary slightly.
  • Real bamboo handle 15" to 16" long. Size may vary slightly.
  • There may be irregular but natural marks, slight cracks and imperfections on the bamboo which are natural to bamboo.
  • Made with cotton, twill, or canvas
  • Vegan friendly
  • Minimal packaging consists of recycled card tag and hemp twine.