Until We Meet Again Little Man....

Little Sammy, my little Samshine is gone. Sammy passed away at midnight on October 19th, 2020. It was a sudden condition and everyone who knew Sammy is shook. He was such a loving and funny boy. He was such a huge presence in a little furry bundle. He loved to snuggle and be carried. He liked conversations and headboops. He made me so happy everyday and was the essence of joy. Sammy, Mischa , and I were everything to each other and we are really going to struggle without him. But we are committed to celebrate the amazing being he was and to show gratitude for the time we had with him.

I know Sammy brought many of you joy and I thank you for loving him. I have a few ideas brewing for a special fund raiser in Sammy's name to help others. More details coming soon.

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