The Nip Is Back!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The new Nip Jars are here! And they are something to purr about.

Now the same ameowzing nip used in all my toys is packaged in an eco-friendly ethically made reusable jar from sustainable sourced paper.  Reuse it for treats for cats or human stuff.   It is biodegradable so you can plant nip, cat grass, or other seedlings in it and then place the entire jar in your garden.  MEOW!     Nip is Mischa and Sammy's fovarite!  So you also get a sticker of either Mischa or Sammy with your nip jar.  Your choice!

 To celebrate this new item and the first day of Fall the Nip Jars are on sale! Click HERE to learn more.

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