On Sale Kitty Cats And Yarn Cat Quilt Blanket For Mew

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On Sale Kitty Cats And Yarn Cat Quilt Blanket For Mew

A special "blanky" just for kitty! Place them in your cat's favorite bed, sleepy spot, carrier, or wherever they may demand to nap/sleep.

Unique artisan quilts. Your kitty will be the only cat on the planet with a quilt just like this. MEOW! Each is handmade with lots of love, detail and quality materials. Our quilts are also reversible. And not only can our quilts be washed, but they will become more snuggly with each wash.

This quilt is 19" x 19"

Our quilts are made with new materials.

While you are treating your kitty to a groovy blanky you are helping another kitty who is down on their luck. We donate 10% of every sale to help cats in need.


Sorry but at this time we cannot accept head boops or treats as payment. BUT we do we accept credit cards and PayPal and ETSY gift cards.

Shipping from United States

Your toys will be packaged by Mischa and Sammy and shipped via USPS First Class or Parcel mail (if over 13 ounces).

Your package will be shipped within 3-5 business days after your payment is received. Please make sure we have your correct shipping address.


Hiss less purr more! If you have any concerns about your order contacts us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the catnip in my toy organic?

Yes it is, kitty! We know you will be licking, biting, and loving on your toys, so safe catnip free of pesticides is all we use. Our toys are also vegan.

Why do my toys looks somewhat different from each other?

Since we are not machines and make each toy by hand, they are going to vary slightly in size and shape. But the quality is always "top cat."

When and how will my toys be shipped?

Once you get your human to complete your order, we will ship your package within 3 to 5 business days. We ship through USPS First Class Mail and First Class International Mail for you international cats. If you got your human to order you lots of toys and your package is too heavy for First Class Mail, it will be shipped by USPS Parcel Post.

How does my purchase help cats in need?

Not all cats have loving homes with wonderful humans to serve them and that is something to hiss about! We want to help those cats down on their luck, so we donate 10% from every order your human makes to the Nevada Humane Society here in Reno.

Do you offer wholesale prices so my local pet boutique can carry your toys?

Yes we do! Have your people head boop our people for more information.
✄ or Etsy message me https://www.etsy.com/conversations/new?with_id=5079396

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