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Or I know kitty, I know.

Thinking cat with questions mark above a
  • Is the nip in my toy organic?
    Yes it is, kitty! I know you will be licking, biting, and loving on your toys, so safe nip free of bad stuff is all I use. My nip source is located in Washington and they are certified organic growers.
  • Why do my toys looks somewhat different from each other?
    Since I am not a machine and make each toy by hand, they are going to vary slightly in size and shape. But the quality is always "top cat."
  • What are you doing to make the planet safer for cats?
    Kitty, I am always learning about ways to save the planet for you. I can always improve but here are some things I already do to help: Certified organic nip Minimal packaging Recycled paper and hemp cord for tags Biodegradable wood composite bags for the nip included with nip mats Reusable jars for the catnip Recycled or earth friendly shipping boxes and envelopes when possible. Kapok fiber options inside Green Beans and Crisps Recycled paper option in Kick-Its Vegan friendly Right now my plastic footprint is from the velcro on the nip mats and the film used for the crinkle toys. I am researching afforable plant based film and hope it will be more accessable to small makers like myself soon.
  • How does my purchase help cats in need"?"
    Not all cats have loving homes with wonderful humans to serve them and that is something to hiss about! So Mischa and I created The Samshine Project in honor of our dear Sammy who passed away in 2020, to help cats in need. Learn more on The Samshine Project page.
  • Do you offer wholesale prices so my local pet boutique can carry your toys?
    Yes I do! You can click this -> WHOLESALE to learn more.
  • Who are these other artists and makers you work with?
    Kitty, For Mew is all about making cats purr and bringing joy to cat people. I am so excited to be working with some pawsome peeps whose creativity celecbrates cats, art, and the handmade movement. I hope that you will check out their pages and become a fan of their work.

Our toys are not indestructible so please remove any toys that are damaged.  Our toys are for cats not human children.  

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